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ABNT Ecolabel ABNT Ecolabel Ecology & Sustainability
Agriturismi Bioecologice AIAB Agriturismi Bioecologice AIAB Ecology & Sustainability
AIAB Bio Fibre AIAB Bio Fibre Ecology & Sustainability
AISE Charter for Sustainable Cleaning AISE Charter for Sustainable Cleaning Ecology & Sustainability
Ancient Forest Friendly Ancient Forest Friendly Ecology & Sustainability
Arge TQ Arge TQ Ecology & Sustainability
AUB-Zertifikat AUB-Zertifikat Ecology & Sustainability
Audubon International Audubon International Ecology & Sustainability
Australian Forest Certification Scheme Australian Forest Certification Scheme Ecology & Sustainability
BASF Eco-Efficiency BASF Eco-Efficiency Ecology & Sustainability
BDIH Certified Natural Cosmetics Seal BDIH Certified Natural Cosmetics Seal Ecology & Sustainability
Beluga Beluga Ecology & Sustainability
Better Cotton Initiative Better Cotton Initiative Ecology & Sustainability
Better Environmental Sustainability Targets (BEST) Standard 1001 Better Environmental Sustainability Targets (BEST) Standard 1001 Ecology & Sustainability
BPI Compostable BPI Compostable Ecology & Sustainability
Certified Carbon Free Certified Carbon Free Ecology & Sustainability
Cosmesi Bio Ecologica AIAB Cosmesi Bio Ecologica AIAB Ecology & Sustainability
Cradle to Cradle Cradle to Cradle Ecology & Sustainability
Detergenza Pulita AIAB Detergenza Pulita AIAB Ecology & Sustainability
EU Ecolabel EU Ecolabel Ecology & Sustainability
Fish Wise Fish Wise Ecology & Sustainability
Forest Stewardship Council Forest Stewardship Council Ecology & Sustainability
Green Burial Council Ecology & Sustainability
Green Business Bureau Green Business Bureau Ecology & Sustainability
Green Master\ Green Master's Program Certified Ecology & Sustainability
Green Shield Green Shield Ecology & Sustainability
Green Tags BEF Green Tags BEF Ecology & Sustainability
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Star Certification Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Star Certification Ecology & Sustainability
Marchio Pollo d\ Marchio Pollo d'Erba Ecology & Sustainability
Marine Aquarium Council (MAC) Certification Marine Aquarium Council (MAC) Certification Ecology & Sustainability
Natrue-Label Natrue-Label Ecology & Sustainability
Natural Products Association Home Care Natural Products Association Home Care Ecology & Sustainability
Natural Products Association Personal Care Natural Products Association Personal Care Ecology & Sustainability
Oregon Certified Sustainable Wine Oregon Certified Sustainable Wine Ecology & Sustainability
QCS Organic QCS Organic Ecology & Sustainability
Rainforest Alliance Certified Rainforest Alliance Certified Ecology & Sustainability
Soy Ink Soy Ink Ecology & Sustainability
The Sustainable Forestry Initiative The Sustainable Forestry Initiative Ecology & Sustainability
UpCycled UpCycled Ecology & Sustainability
WindMade WindMade Ecology & Sustainability

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Featured Certification

Beluga makes the following demands regarding environmental policies of companies and institutions that want to be accredited by Beluga:  The policy must be visible and made known to all employees of the company or institution. It must be accessible to the public and on the Net. It must be in accordance with the nature, scope and environmental impact of the operation, manufactured products or services of the company or institution. It must include an obligation to follow relevant laws and regulations concerning environmental matters as well as other detailed requirements that the company has agreed to fulfil. It shall be criticized and reviewed at least once a year. It shall be goal-linked and aimed at improvements and preventive pollution measures in respect to the aspects of the operation that have the most environmental impact. It shall be the responsibility of the environmental manager or other specific person at the institution or company, who will at the same time also be the link person with Beluga. If possible, 5-10 auxiliary aims should also be presented which the concerned party intends to use to carry out it’s environmental policy. Beluga sets a requirement for the premises of the concerned party to be clean and tidy.
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