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ABNT Ecolabel ABNT Ecolabel Ecology & Sustainability
Agriturismi Bioecologice AIAB Agriturismi Bioecologice AIAB Ecology & Sustainability
AIAB Bio Fibre AIAB Bio Fibre Ecology & Sustainability
AISE Charter for Sustainable Cleaning AISE Charter for Sustainable Cleaning Ecology & Sustainability
Ancient Forest Friendly Ancient Forest Friendly Ecology & Sustainability
Arge TQ Arge TQ Ecology & Sustainability
AUB-Zertifikat AUB-Zertifikat Ecology & Sustainability
Audubon International Audubon International Ecology & Sustainability
Australian Forest Certification Scheme Australian Forest Certification Scheme Ecology & Sustainability
BASF Eco-Efficiency BASF Eco-Efficiency Ecology & Sustainability
BDIH Certified Natural Cosmetics Seal BDIH Certified Natural Cosmetics Seal Ecology & Sustainability
Beluga Beluga Ecology & Sustainability
Better Cotton Initiative Better Cotton Initiative Ecology & Sustainability
Better Environmental Sustainability Targets (BEST) Standard 1001 Better Environmental Sustainability Targets (BEST) Standard 1001 Ecology & Sustainability
BPI Compostable BPI Compostable Ecology & Sustainability
Certified Carbon Free Certified Carbon Free Ecology & Sustainability
Cosmesi Bio Ecologica AIAB Cosmesi Bio Ecologica AIAB Ecology & Sustainability
Cradle to Cradle Cradle to Cradle Ecology & Sustainability
Detergenza Pulita AIAB Detergenza Pulita AIAB Ecology & Sustainability
EU Ecolabel EU Ecolabel Ecology & Sustainability
Fish Wise Fish Wise Ecology & Sustainability
Forest Stewardship Council Forest Stewardship Council Ecology & Sustainability
Green Burial Council Ecology & Sustainability
Green Business Bureau Green Business Bureau Ecology & Sustainability
Green Master\ Green Master's Program Certified Ecology & Sustainability
Green Shield Green Shield Ecology & Sustainability
Green Tags BEF Green Tags BEF Ecology & Sustainability
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Star Certification Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Star Certification Ecology & Sustainability
Marchio Pollo d\ Marchio Pollo d'Erba Ecology & Sustainability
Marine Aquarium Council (MAC) Certification Marine Aquarium Council (MAC) Certification Ecology & Sustainability
Natrue-Label Natrue-Label Ecology & Sustainability
Natural Products Association Home Care Natural Products Association Home Care Ecology & Sustainability
Natural Products Association Personal Care Natural Products Association Personal Care Ecology & Sustainability
Oregon Certified Sustainable Wine Oregon Certified Sustainable Wine Ecology & Sustainability
QCS Organic QCS Organic Ecology & Sustainability
Rainforest Alliance Certified Rainforest Alliance Certified Ecology & Sustainability
Soy Ink Soy Ink Ecology & Sustainability
The Sustainable Forestry Initiative The Sustainable Forestry Initiative Ecology & Sustainability
UpCycled UpCycled Ecology & Sustainability
WindMade WindMade Ecology & Sustainability

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Artterro has teamed up with Strathmore Artist Papers to create this unique product for budding artists to easily explore their creativity through art journaling. Learn fun doodling, drawing and collage techniques with inspiring materials. Spiral bound kit includes: Solid book board cover to personalize, 14 inspiring project pages, beautiful handmade decorative papers, solid colored papers and artist-quality drawing paper, pocket folder to store pictures, scraps and found images. Manufactured in Appleton, WI by Strathmore Artist Papers. Great for all ages.

Featured Certification

Certified Naturally Grown is a non-profit alternative certification program tailored for small-scale, direct-market farmers using natural methods. Nearly 700 farmers from 48 states are enrolled to use the Certified Naturally Grown label. When USDA's Organic program was implemented in 2002, many farms earning more than $5,000 per year were forced to make a difficult choice: either pay high certification fees and complete mounds of paperwork to become Certified Organic, or else give up using the word "organic" to describe their produce and/or livestock. Believing that neither choice was very attractive, some farmers created Certified Naturally Grown to provide an alternative way to assure their customers that they observed strict growing practices. CNG strives to strengthen the organic movement by removing financial barriers to certification that tend to exclude smaller direct-market farms, while preserving high standards for natural production methods.
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