The Details of the PosiPair Market

Please Note: Our stores are invite-only, so please email us if you would like one.

  • We provide a single marketplace and social network for buyers seeking positive products, and sellers looking to tell their story and grow their sales.
  • You get an online store where you can post your products, list your prices, and tell your story - why you make your products, how you make them, what's in them, etc. - with lots of photos.
  • Buyers buy products online from one or more sellers and checkout for each store separately.
  • We email you their order.
  • You ship the order within two weeks.
  • We receive 5% of the price you listed, Google Checkout receives 2.9% + 0.30 cents, and you keep the rest.
  • We will charge your bank account once per month.
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