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If you want to know whether the bread you’re about to buy was sweetened with corn syrup, you can check the label. The same is true if you’re concerned about preservatives, caramel coloring or artificial flavoring. By law, all of these ingredients must be listed on food labels. But not genetically modified organisms, or G.M.O.s. The Food and Drug Administration does not require clear identification and labeling of food products made with genetically engineered plants. Most consumers want that to change. Some 93 percent of respondents to a New York Times survey in January 2013 said they wanted genetically modified ingredients identified, even though only about half said they would avoid G.M.O. products. More than 1.4 million people have signed the Center for Food Safety’s petition urging the federal agency to require G.M.O. labeling. Last weekend, marches were held in dozens of cities to protest the introduction of genetically engineered products by Monsanto and other developers. Vermont this month became the first state to require labeling of G.M.O. foods, and Connecticut and Maine have passed similar laws, though they are contingent on other states enacting legislation. Food producers and developers of genetically modified plants and seeds poured millions of dollars into advertising in 2012 to defeat a California initiative requiring G.M.O. labeling, and they are pushing a federal bill that would bar states from requiring labeling. They insist the ingredients are saf

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