When you give a gift, wrap it in a very special ribbon from Cream City Ribbon Company

We're lucky in Wisconsin to have so many spectacular green companies. Cream City Ribbon is based in Milwaukee and they make naturally beautiful and luxurious earth-friendly ribbon. After you've heard of Cream City Ribbon, how could you ever go back to using toxic plastic ribbon that's made in China?

Sustainable Sourcing

The Cream City Ribbon Company is one of only two(!) factories in America making curling ribbon out of all-natural materials. The demand for positive ribbon is booming, but nobody makes the tools to produce it anymore. (This shortage of machinery sounds like an opportunity for any aspiring entrepreneurs out there.)

Cream City Ribbon is produced from renewable, biodegradable* cotton fiber, grown and processed responsibly in the USA with water based dyes and without chlorine bleaches. 

Their inks are soy (plant) based and non-toxic, acid free, the adhesive is non-toxic and US Department of Agriculture (USDA) approved for indirect food use.

Cream City Ribbon's packaging and spools are made of biodegradable materials, with recycled content where possible, and 25% of the energy purchased by their manufacturing facility is derived from renewable alternative energy sources.

Not only do you get every color you would ever want, but you also get to feel good about the fact that 5% of the sales of their Ribbon Kits go to help support the Urban Ecology Center.

You can also get special custom ribbon with the married couple's names and match it to the wedding colors! Or, if you use ribbon as a business owner, you can purchase ribbon with your company's name and phone number.

Beautiful ribbon is one of life's small pleasures!

~ by Sarah Manski for PosiPlanet, the blog of the founders of PosiPair.com

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