PosiPair is a For-Profit Company
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Full Description

We're creating the most comprehensive online source of green business information, anywhere. We're doing this by connecting green businesses, shoppers, and civil society in the growing green products and services markets. 

"PosiPair" is short for "Positive Pairing," a trademark phrase describing our unique technology that facilitates and reveals connections between green businesses and their partners. PosiPair harnesses our technology to display product lifecycles, supply chains, certifications, and reviews. 

PosiPair solves two pressing information challenges facing the green economy. First, green businesses lack a web service specifically designed to meet their unique marketing, networking, and transparency needs. Second, shoppers looking for green products need a responsible alternative to the current "everybody's green" advertising free-for-all.

By making the web more useful and accessible to genuinely green businesses, and by bringing more eyes to bear in evaluating self-representations of green business practices, PosiPair provides greater visibility, transparency, and brand-protection to the green economy.

PosiPair was conceived in 2009 as the brainchild two lifelong progressive activists. Over the course of 2009-10, the company built several Beta websites, won several awards, and attracted its initial investments. In 2011, the staff of Envision IT, LLC, joined the PosiPair team and coded the website you see before you today.

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State of Wisconsin Woman-Owned Business Enterprise