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Our motto is, "Do right; tell the truth; be rewarded." PosiPair provides your business or organization with all the tools you need to do just that. We help you tell the world about the positive things you do. We help you show your business partners and relationships. Finally, a web platform built for and by the green economy. Join PosiPair today.

1. PROFILES: Revel in transparency

Profile your company or org on PosiPairThis should be a little familiar: Your first step at PosiPair is to set up a profile. Not a profile for you personally, but a profile for your business or organization. Setting up a profile is easy. In addition to filling out your contact information, tagline, and a short description of the services or products you provide, you should use your profile to tell the world about the positive things you do for people and planet. Talk about your social and environmental mission. Be open about the areas in which you'd like to improve. Share the specific initiatives you are undertaking to improve your practices. Be honest. Tell the truth. That's what your customers are looking for. 


2. PAIRING: Celebrate your business partnerships

Pair up with your business partnersHere's where PosiPair gets its game on. Your next step at PosiPair is to begin pairing that profile with the folks your company or organization does business with. Do you use tree-free paper in your work? Find the profile for the company that supplies you with that paper, click on the "Pair+" button, and, voila, your profile will show that they are your paper supplier. Pretty neat, huh? This patent-pending "Positive Pairing" technology is the reason we call our service "PosiPair." We're harnessing crowd sourcing --just a few clicks of the mouse by large numbers of people-- to reveal and celebrate the green economy.


3. CERTIFICATIONS: Protect your investment

Find Certifications on PosiPair

That last step of "Positive Pairing" is PosiPair's new contribution to the green economy. It's a powerful way to combat the problem of greenwashing (of bad actors making false claims about their business practices; the rest of us pay when they do that). Another method for protecting our investments is to obtain certifications from credible agencies. At PosiPair, we've created an ever-growing index of hundreds of eco-labels and other certifications. If you are Fair Trade certified, you can post that certification on your profile, just like you would in a newspaper ad, poster, store window, or on your product.


4. E-COMMERCE: Sell your products online

Use PosiPair's E-CommerceSo you've set up a profile for your for-profit company, non-profit organization, cooperative, or association. The next thing we have plannwd for you is your own online storefront, where you can not only display your products, but also sell them!

We'll also apply our proprietary Positive Pairing technology to product profiles, meaning that you'll be able to easily track and reveal the lifecycle of your products to your customers, as well as post certifications and eco-labels specific to your individual products.

  5. KIOSK: Where people, businesses, and orgs share information 

Use PosiPair's communication package to stay in contact with your customers!We recently brought a new set of voices into the PosiPair community. Individuals are now able to establish their own personal profiles at PosiPair. With personal profiles, individuals can discuss, review, and debate specific business practices, and the value of various certifications and eco-labels. Individuals can show support for businesses and other entities that "do right." And later this year, you, as the manager of your business, coop, organization, or association's profile, will be in a position to send online messages, outgoing emails, and other communications directly to your fans, customers, supporters, and business partners.


. . . and that's not all folks . . . 

New services coming soon . . .

PosiPair already provides you with our unique pairing, profile management, and certification verification tools. Yet, we plan to provide new and expanded services in the coming year, including:

6. MAPPING: Visualization that reveals our economy

Are you ready for this? Because of your participation in PosiPair, we will be able to map the green economy. You've told your customers who your suppliers are; you've told them who you supply. You've indicated your service providers and your clients, both. Now it's our turn. We will provide you with ever more sophisticated --ever cooler-- visualization tools that will help your customers, and potential customers, see all the dimensions in which you do business. PosiPair consumers want to know how you do business, and with whom. And you want to show them. Effectively.

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